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Genuinely You Leadership, LLC develops and inspires women to lead as only they can. With the talents, experiences, and capabilities that are unique to them, S.H.I.N.E. participants will end the women’s leadership program learning to genuinely lead while creating wins for their organization.

G.Y.L. Story

As a former executive, I’ve encountered many scenarios that today’s women executives face.

At the core of my conversations with many women leaders is the struggle to be congruent in our leadership. We are one person in one setting and a completely different person in another. This can be for a number of reasons like certain people, situations, or environments.

This issue has a direct effect on business results. When we aren’t bringing our true, genuine strengths to the table every day and learning to lead with that core distinction in mind we become cookie cutter, ineffective, and dissatisfied. Because, honestly, it’s exhausting to pretend to be something we’re not. Then ultimately, that nagging feeling of imposter syndrome persists only to completely deplete our confidence over time resulting in ineffective leadership.

Today’s leaders, more than ever, must operate from a place of genuine distinction for their well-being, their teams, and the organization. That’s why Genuinely You Leadership, LLC was created. When we understand how to lead and operate most genuinely, we…

  1. Cultivate stronger alliances and partnerships in the organization to get high-impact work done.
  2. Build teams that are striving and thriving to deliver their best work.
  3. Deliver consistent results to the company who has entrusted us in this crucial role.

Genuinely You Leadership’s program, S.H.I.N.E., will embolden each woman leader who participates to genuinely lead while creating wins for their organization.

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