Women’s leadership program

After designing and delivering conferences that moved participants from vision to strategy to results-driven action, Andrea is now taking that experience coupled with real-life leadership learnings to deliver S.H.I.N.E.

S.H.I.N.E. develops and inspires women to lead as only they can. With the talents, experiences and capabilities that are unique to them, participants will end the program learning to genuinely lead while creating wins for their organization.



Discovering and understanding the significant and unique value, experiences, and capabilities each participant brings to their organization.


Learning to lead more confidently from a place of genuine, congruent, and effective leadership in all situations.


Appreciating and adapting the unique perspective participants bring to their organization and discovering how to genuinely adapt to other perspectives too.


Navigating the various people, pressures, and politics in the organization to bring about the best results.


Leading and engaging with vision, strategy, and execution to ensure priorities and results are driven and consistently delivered.

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Each S.H.I.N.E. program consists of  professional women who will journey the multi-month program. Together, they will form a unique and powerful peer mentoring alliance, learning from each other’s struggles and successes.

Who should attend?

Women who have a desire to grow their leadership capacity.



There are no current dates for SHINE. Please check back for future dates or use the G.Y.L. contact button to be notified when dates have been scheduled.



Program currently postponed.

As a mentor, executive coach, and leader, Andrea is blessed with extraordinary qualities that guide, inspire and lift women up and challenge them to step outside of their leadership comfort zone. Andrea is one of these remarkable women who’ve chosen to be a wellspring for women by giving them the tools to grow their leadership capacity. To say she is deeply respected, devoted, and authentic is an understatement. If you have the chance to work with Andrea Crum, you’ve been given an incredible blessing.

Michelle “Micki” Bowers

Director, Client Services, Brilliant Fulfillment

It’s no accident Andrea speaks about being “Genuinely You.” She is the epitome of genuine, drawing you in with her warmth and welcoming demeanor. You then quickly see how smart, creative, intuitive, and capable she is. Her work as a coach demonstrates a keen ability to lead and engage executives through thoughtful probing and careful listening to become their best selves.

Gayle Nichols

Chief Human Resources Officer, Allied Benefit Systems

Andrea truly embodies a passion for helping women achieve their true potential. From the moment you meet her, you can see how Andrea’s professional accomplishments and personal experiences have crafted her to be the genuine leader she is today. Andrea inspires and motivates women to have confidence in their decisions and actions and live their best professional life as authentically as they are. Time spent with her is uplifting and ignites the spark that you need to refocus on who you are and what type of leader you want to be.

Jennifer Shaffer

Marketing Leader, Mary Kay Inc

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